I know how odd these cut up tennis shoes must look.  But bear with me and I will explain.

I’ve told you a bit here and there about my childhood and my upbringing.  My mother was the Queen of Frugality.  We wore 2nd hand clothes growing up but sometimes there wasn’t even the money for that.  But my mom made do.

She had 4 kids to clothe, feed and raise.  Most of the time Mom was on her own to accomplish these things.  So she had to get creative.

We were always growing out of our clothes.  To get us through the summer, if our shoes were getting too small, Mom would cut the toes our of our shoes, like in the picture above.  The toes of our too-big-feet would stick out over the end of the shoe.  This was a make shift sandal that my mom created.

For the rough and tumble of childhood play, especially in the summertime, this was a perfect solution that did not cost my mother a dime!

By the fall, somehow, Mom would come up with the money for us to have shoes to start the new school year.  They wouldn’t always be new shoes, but they would be clean and they would fit.

Looking back, it’s a pretty odd thing to do, I suppose.  But back then I never questioned it.  It was just something Mom did.



4 thoughts on “TenniSandals

  1. Once again Penny bravo to your mom. When a family is dirt poor and you are the head of the household you need to get creative.

    In our house when my school blue jeans got holes in the knees iron on color code patched were used. In the summer the jeans were transformed into shorts. Worked for us.

    After my father passed away our family visited the St Vincent de Paul Society to update our wornout wardrobes with other folk’s charitable donations.

    I was nine years old and wanted a leather jacket. I saw one I liked and it fit. The only trouble it was a woman’s jacket. I didn’t care. So I got the jacket pink color, buckles and all.

    That Christmas I got a toy airplane from Santa. It only had three propellers out of four ( it was a DC-* but I still had fun with it. Pretended that the plane had to make an emergency landing a lot of the time.

    Life is fun when you use the right attitude. 🙂

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