This was written by a Blogger that I follow and it’s the best description of depression I’ve seen.  Check it out.

Her Blog, Brave and Reckless is worth a look!

This is on older piece that was written a week after learning that a lovely woman that I went to college with had lost her the 13 year old son to suicide. It was heart- breaking news then and still haunts me. My thoughts turned to Depression on my commute into work today. It has been weighing […]

via Depression the Dark Suitor (revisited) National Mental Health Month — Brave and Reckless

3 thoughts on “Depression

  1. Thanks for sharing Penny.

    Depression in itself is devastating. Manic depression is murder.

    When you live with a family member who is manic/depressive you are always travelling on a one way street in the wrong direction for you at least.

    If the person is successful the symptoms can be controlled and the roller coaster ride called life is manageable.

    The person under both situations need medical attention, counselling and familial monitoring.

    I also heartily recommend seeking a support group for yourself if you are the caring family member The person on meds is a helpless victim and their flare ups and angry outbursts are not necessarily directed at you.

    There is no stigma in being afflicted with either depression or manic/depression.

    Understanding and patience are key survival concerns forall involved. 🙂

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    1. I’ve struggled with depression, but the manic/depression is a lot different. Sounds like you’ve had some exposure too. Thank you for your thoughtfulness Gerry. I always look forward to your comments.


      1. I am glad my comments are an aid and comfort to you Penny.

        When you are up front and personal with either illness you appreciate it and the sufferers more.

        Always here to help and support you. 🙂

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