Damn You

Damn you.

I swore you were right here.  I touched you, I know I did.

As I come back to myself, your scent lingers.

Damn you.

I ache for your touch.

Closing my eyes is futile.  You’re not here.

Leave my heart be.  Stay out of my dreams.

Damn you.

3 thoughts on “Damn You

  1. Bravo again Penny.

    The agony of longing for that special someone is frustrating and haunting at times.

    Our imaginations take control and the sights, sounds, aromas and pleasurable intimacies rush to the forefront when we sleep and our emotional guards are down..

    And yes males also succumb to these types of sensual nightmares even though we don’t often admit to them.

    The scent of a woman haunts a man just as deeply . 🙂

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