3 thoughts on “Risk

  1. I always enjoy your blog entries.

    The articles may be brief but the content is always thought provoking and lightly silhouettes the human condition in some way, shape or form.The existential framing the reaity of things.

    I think we all fear exposing our hearts ( inner selves and vulnerabilities) to another person ( male or female) knowing that unlike the cute and cuddly rabbit in the magician’s hat we allow this momentary master of legerdemain the right to place who we are ( or believe ourselves to be) outfor public/private) scrutiny.

    That is always a tough sell Penny. With a single word this Grand Magician can make or break our day, shatter our illusions about life in general and keep us in a state of psychological suspension until they decide what to do. The staged delay adds to the drama and suspence.

    It is a part of the human condition we know as “reaching out” to another.

    But also remember that we too are sleight of hand artists who while presenting an image of ourselves to another have already tailored this viewpoint to offer our best public self.

    The private self comes later when the magiian has also performed his illusion to please the audience of one and replaced the rabbit back in the confines of the hat.

    Abra Kadabra. 🙂

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