Favorite Sins

There is a Kenny Chesney song called “You and Tequila”.  There is One Line in that song that gets me every time I hear it.  It goes “It’s always your favorite sins that do you in”.  Wow…

My favorite sins.

Being a Responsible Adult is still a challenge at times.  I still struggle.

I have very few vices left.  I quit smoking.  I drink only on rare occasions.  I don’t scour the bars looking for men.  The drugs I did in my youth are just a distant memory.

The “hardest” thing I partake of now is a strong cup of coffee.  The doctors have tried to take that away from me too.  I’ve cut down, but it’s not completely gone.

Pleasures of the Flesh are still a favorite sin, not easily dismissed.

Another song comes to mind by Tim Mcgraw.  The song is called “Better Than I Used to Be”.  The line goes “I still got a few more dances with the devil”.

Boy howdy….

In general, I’m pretty happy with how Penny turned out.  But oh, those Favorite Sins.

6 thoughts on “Favorite Sins

  1. Bravo on the way you have successfully whittled down your Favorite Sins list.

    I am still working on my own bucket list of such items. (late bloomer here).

    Starting to enjoy a shot of Captain Morgan spiced rum in a glass filed with Cranbery Peach juice once every other day. Yummy.

    Never really got into drugs. I was hospitalized as a youngster and was always pumped full of the latest antidote to keep me well. Sulpha drugs were a blast. think.

    Sins of the flesh are always appealling and tempting but at my tender age I foget what goes where. 😉

    Might just buy one of those instructive Japanese sex pillows with the driections embroidered on a soft background. That might help if it doesn’t get too complicated. ha ha

    So once again I applaud you for your noble efforts at self improvement.

    The last dance is always a tango in Paris Penny. 🙂

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