Spring Fever?

Anybody else have spring fever?  I do!  I’ve been looking at my wardrobe lately and I’m WANTING those bright colors of spring, like in the picture above.

But instead I get Spring Blah….

Nothing I own seems to reflect what I’m feeling inside!  Is this a possible indication of my recent gloomy stint?

Since I am on a strict No Spending policy right now, I’m going to have to get creative with what I have!

Happy Spring All!

5 thoughts on “Spring Fever?

  1. I just put away all of my wool sweaters and turtlenecks and took out all of my short sleeve shirts. I’m ready for spring!

    Colors of your clothes? Can’t help you there. You’ll just have to think colorful thoughts 😉

    Happy Spring!

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  2. Hugs of understanding to you. 🙂

    Spring fever is a dreaded reality of the seasonal changes

    You too have changed and as you appraise your “gloomy” wardrobe try a litlle bit of mix n match creativity.

    Spring colors are vibrant and alive. Summer ones are very bright and cheery. Autumn colors more subdued. Forget the winter shades until next fall.

    Make tree seperate piles of clothing. One for spring, summer and fall.

    Then uusing the bright summer tems as your base belnd in the spring shades as the second dominant but subdued layer. Use the fall colors sparingly.

    This should allow you to upgrade your wardrobe at no cost.

    Brightly colored accens such as scarves and handkershiefs can also assit.

    Also consider bright colors of polish for your finger nails and toe nails. They are minor alterations but at least you will have done someting positive and noticeable. Showing the world the new Penny 2.1 version for spring is afterall a psychological reward in itself….subtle yet noticeable.

    Remember to alway consider the “Fifty Shades of Penny” before you get to mellowed out. 🙂

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