A friend in Need

I don’t usually repost something.  But recently another blogger brought this post of mine back into focus.  It’s a tribute to my Best Friend.

Recently this Best Friend has discovered that with her illness, she will not get any better.  There is nothing else to be done and from here she will just continue to deteriorate.

This little woman that has always been such a positive influence in my life is now struggling to see the positive in her own life.  Her youth is behind her.  The present seems to hold little in the way of joy for her due to her pain.  The future, she sees as only bleak and dark.

I love this woman so much.  I would do almost anything for her because she has always been there for me.   I can’t take away her pain, or find a cure for her illness.  I do my best to “be there” for her and be supportive.  Each day, I try to find something to make her smile.

In light of all this, I feel my tribute to my Best Friend is worth repeating.  See below.  I hope you enjoy.

I originally titled this A Lifetime of Thank Yous.


How do you say thank you to someone who has always been there for me?  She has been my biggest supporter, my biggest cheerleader, no matter what I wanted to do.  She always had my back.

This little woman is a ball of dynamite.  She is a true lady in every sense of the word, but will cut you down to the stumps like a she-bear protecting her young if you dare hurt anyone she loves.

She is an enigma.  She has been ill off & on most of her life.  She’s been misdiagnosed and was supposed to die several times.  But you cannot keep her down.  She powers on and has proved the doctors wrong over and over again.

The doctors did finally come up with a diagnosis, but that hasn’t stopped her.  Although her condition is degenerative, she keeps on keeping on.

Despite her hardships, which have been many, she is the most positive and optimistic person I have ever met.  She has been the most positive influence in my life.

This woman has seen me at my best and at my worst.  She loves me no matter what.

She’s been there to hold my hand through the hard times and to cheer me on when I try something new.

Through her eyes, I have seen the power of prayer at work and believe; where once I did not.  How can you repay someone for a gift this precious?

We met as young women, not much more than children.  We have seen each other grow, change and age.  We have known each other’s children, loves and siblings.  We have known birth and death in each other’s lives.

Once we had the world at our feet; a lifetime ahead of us.  We laughed at the thought of tomorrow.

The next day, we share stories of our aches, pains and wrinkles.  Where did yesterday go?

Who is she?  “Friend” is not a strong enough word.  She is my Best Friend.  But she is also the Sister I never had.  She’s been confidant, a shoulder to lean on, a hand up, and just someone I could always turn to.  She is also that person that will give it to me straight when I need a good kick in the butt.

A lifetime has passed between us.  I cannot imagine how empty my life would have been without her in it.  I am richer, wiser and a better person because of her.

We have shared births, deaths, marriages, divorce, tears, sorrow, happiness, joy and laughter.   Most of all Joy and Laughter….

To this amazing woman, I say thank you.  Thank you for sharing your life with me.


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