Genres, More Than One?

Should I have more than one genre?

I’m working on a story/book that is either a Thriller or Horror story.  I’m not sure on that yet.  But I have Several other story lines in mind.

I have a story that is based on fact, but will be fiction.  Sort of a fictional American history story.   I have just scratched the surface of this one because it has required so much research.

Another story I have in mind is pure fantasy.

I do hope to be published one day.

So back to my question.  Should I have more that one genre?   Would a publisher even consider me if I dabbled in more than one genre?  An agent?

11 thoughts on “Genres, More Than One?

  1. The Brothers Grimm wrote what at that time what was considered “fairy tales”.

    A biography concerning Donald Trump would be a macabre real life fairy tale dabbled with reality, fantasy, terror, a slight dash of realism and of course political sarcasm.

    Writing pure fantasy, terror, the macabre or any line of thought is dabbled with the innuendo of reality. If you were writing your work in a vacuum tube on Mars away from society then the creative juices might consider the aspects you mention.( pure subject matter divided into the little packets you envision)

    But in the world of the real and at times the apparent you have to fight your innate and biological desires to spice up your creative works with the world around you and how that world affects your perception of things.

    At times fairy tales reflet the macabre and at orher times the core of the macabre reflects man;s valiant efforts to lessen the evil tinge of relaity in the real world.

    Shakespearean plays always added the notion of “comic relief” to lessen the harshness and severity of the reality yet to unfold.

    As you were directed earlier write what you wish but write from the heart and the gut and the public be damned if they cannot accept your story line of thought.

    If evolution had it’s way we would all be walking on all fours and grunting for our daily bread. 🙂

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  2. I think most authors have one or two closely related genre, but I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with having more. Of course, I’m one who just self published a book that contains sci-fi, fantasy, “literate fiction”, historic fiction, etc. stories, so I’d be a hypocrite to tell you to stick to one genre. 😉

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