Life of it’s Own!

I’ve been struggling with a story for about 2 years now.  My friends can’t understand why I can’t finish it.

It has real potential, I know it does.  But I’m having a hard time with the direction the story has taken.

I restarted the story once, because the back-story of my characters was weak.  I think at that point, I lost momentum.   This second time around, the story has morphed into something very dark.

I had no intention of writing anything as dark as this has turned out to be.  If I continue with it the way it is, it is going to very, very dark indeed!  A horror story.

I guess I’m shocked that my “inner voice” is creating this!  I’m half-temped to start the story over yet again!

The basic plot and eventual outcome, the real meat of the story, I feel has real potential!

Do any of you have this kind of problem?  Ideas?  Suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Life of it’s Own!

  1. I have to give you credit for having the patience to start over, for reconsidering the plot, for evaluationg the direction in which the theme of the story was heading and even kudos for wondering if you should start again. Whew.

    Life is kinda like your story. Always morphing and going in new directions. Sometimes happy, other times intimidating.

    As the author you will have to decided when the gestation period is over and need to deliver the creation into the world. USe forceps if you have to but make the call.

    Hope this advice helps.

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  2. In the past I wrote and rewrote stories in my head and they always took different twists. These days I just let them go and make sure I get it all on paper as I’m going. Twists, turns and all, usually going different places than I started..

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