Time in the Country

I love a small town.  Quiet mornings and the slower pace.

Thursday I headed South to my brother’s place.  My brother and sister-in-law live in a tiny town of 820 people.  It’s very quiet.

The drive south was lovely.  Traveling in the mid morning on a Thursday, did not present much traffic.  As I left the city behind me, the scenery around me showed me it’s celebration of Spring.

The Bluebonnets are in bloom here in Texas.  I was also treated to an array of different colors of Morning Glory and Indian Paint Brush.

The fat black cows in contrast to the bright green of the fields around them had their own beauty.

The day before me was glorious, as if God was showing off after winter.

There isn’t much to tell you about the 2 days I spent at my brother’s place.  Mostly what we did was sit around and visit, get caught up and watch the slow pace of the world outside go by.

I spent some time in the swing in the backyard, watching Little Dog explore the Great Outdoors of the big back yard.  I sat and marveled at the quiet and the spring smells of the breeze.

I love my home and my life in the city, but the peace of the country has a way of recharging me.  I love Spring!

3 thoughts on “Time in the Country

  1. I think that you have to be from the city to gain an appreciation for the country. Country folk at time take their surroundings for granted sometime and city folks are too distracted by the noise of traffic to appreciate the quite times they could be having in the country.

    My first reporting assignment as editor/reporter for small town community newspaper was a welcomed and refreshing change from the hubub of the city.

    It was a quiet lake side town with a marina, lighthouse, corner grocery store and two taverns located at opposite ends of the town owned by rivaling sisters in law. One pub occupied the road into town at and the “tavern”dominated the road outta town.

    The people here were friendly and the pace laid back and easy.

    I enjoyed my stay here and always enjoyed sitting in my lawn chair and sipping a cold beer in front of my room of the motel I lived at.

    Idyllic times for sure. 🙂

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    1. Thanks GC and thanks for looking in on me!
      I spent most of my life in Rural Oregon. When I moved to Texas in 2011, I was lost! I am just now starting to appreciate the beauty I do see around me.
      Yep, small town life is pretty wonderful!
      Thanks! Penny


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