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BE the Change?

I don’t watch a lot of TV.  I find most of it to be just a waste of time.  I have to admit, I do tune in to the old classics.  The Dick Van Dyke Show or The Andy Griffith … Continue reading

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I just have share this website.   is where you can get photos to use in your blog for FREE. You can alter them, use them in any way you want.   They WANT you to use them! … Continue reading

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Just Another Rambling Post

Hello all and Happy Wednesday! Summer has finally come to Texas and with a vengeance!  It’s been in the 90’s for a while with no end in sight.  The LOWS have been in the upper 70’s!!   At least some … Continue reading

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Writing-My personal HIGH!

TGIF everyone! I am just having a BLAST!!  I started a story that I just can’t wait to get back to!!  It’s one of those that just POURS out of you!  The kind of story that writes itself! This kind … Continue reading

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I always knew there was something Dark in you.  Then the day came when you revealed your true self. You didn’t see me hidden in the dark as I followed you. Your rituals, rehearsed and practiced millions of times.  Would … Continue reading

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Kiss Me In The Rain

This one has been rattling around in my brain in bits and pieces.  I feel pretty good about finally getting it posted!  I hope you enjoy!  Kiss me in the rain. Love washing over me. Flames no downpour can extinguish. … Continue reading

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Cherry Street and Mr. Miller

The best thing about living on Cherry Street was Mr. Miller.   Mr. Miller owned 8 or maybe it was only 6 run down little houses.  The upper row faced Cherry Street and the bottom row faced Beverly Drive.  I can … Continue reading

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