A – Auspicious


Hi all.  I know it’s been too long.  I need a kick start of some kind.  So this is my kick start.  I saw a writing prompt that challenged you to write every day for 26 days.  One day for each letter of the alphabet.  Well, this is my version of that challenge.  This is a little on the personal side, but I figured, why not? It’s a place to start!


Meaning: promising success, opportune, favorable.

The best thing that’s happened to me since I came to Texas was when I was hired by my current employer.

This job has ended up being so much more than just a job.  My boss is a GOOD person.  He and his family have wonderful ethics and morals.  I’m proud to be associated with him and his business.  He is also very kind and generous.  He truly cares about his employees.

My co-workers are more than just co-workers.  They are an extended family.  I care about each of them and I know they feel the same about me.

So I think I am in an auspicious position with this company.  I can see me having a career here.   Good things are in the future for me.


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