Time Flies!

Hello WP Friends & Fans!   Well, it’s day 12 of my NaNo challenge and I suck.  😦  There is just NOT enough time in the day!  I know some of you will say that’s an excuse.  40 hours is enough to kick my butt.  So the remainder of my time on work days….just slips away!  I’ve pecked away at my story this week, but not enough to make a good dent.

On the bright side, the challenge has made me write something that needed to be written!  I feel Very good about what I have accomplished and how it’s flowing.

I already know who the villain is, who the hero is, the twists that will have the reader gasping and the perfect ending!  So it’s all in my little pointed head. 🙂  It just needs to be transferred to the screen!

As always, thank you for your support!

One thought on “Time Flies!

  1. I have heard people say before that they record what’s in their head on tape records, cd players maybe even phones and then type from that for their books. It is a good idea because an idea might pop into your head and you could forget it lol.

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